Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The calm before the storm...

Well the final day of my summer holidays has been spent in school.  We have a total of 7 days in the classroom before we are getting kicked into the hall and building work will commence.  My team teacher and I are feeling more than a little fraught at the moment as we have been able to do next to no preparation for our new class and classroom.

The beginning of the holidays held such hope, the building work was going to be put off, we had all of our boards beautifully backed and even got on top of some of the classroom prep work.  We now have half a day to move loads of furniture from our room (another classroom's) and get our classroom semi-ready for Thursday....

It all feels a bit mental, and this being my first teaching job, I feel a bit like I am at sea being thrown about with no idea what to do.  However, after reading this post on 'Finding your Marigold', I feel I have the best teaching team ever!  We are on the same wave length and she is most definitely my Marigold!  If you've not read this article and are an NQT, then read it now!

I spent most of today helping another teacher sort out her classroom, as we can't yet do anything with our's.  I've had a great day getting to know my team even better though and even got talking to the caretaker who told us he used to do gardening projects as an after school club.  It pays to talk to others and find out their talents, as we have now invited him to teach our class how to make seed bombs!

Tomorrow it all begins, INSET day before the chaos begins on Thursday, oh no wait it's already started!